Monday, 17 November 2014

Minecraft Week 4

This week Tommy and I finished the Minecraft Health and Fitness centre Gymnasium. In it it has a sponge pit, a lily pad hop where you hop on the lily pads over water to the end, a dispenser skipping rope and a Cob web (BE PATIENT) maze, because cobwebs make you go slower. We also got horses at the Farm's annual horse adoption day. Mine was jet black, and Tommy and I made stables for them. 
I felt a little bit cross with myself because I didn't get all the work I wanted to get in. I think that if I didn't get a horse and didn't build it a stable I might have got more work done on the actual Health and Fitness centre. 
We had no problems or issues, but I think a problem is that Tommy and I need to get the Health and Fitness centre finished so we can move on to building some other place, ie our wants, like an ice-cream store.
I think so far for Minecraft it has gone well and I think it should keep going well!

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