Sunday, 16 November 2014


                                         Week three 

Last week Tommy and I made the reception and got started on the Minecraft Health and Fitness centre gymnasium. We made a sponge pit, and this week, we are going to try to have a skipping rope with droppers, and finish the whole Fitness centre. 
I felt great with the compliments Tommy and I were getting on out H&F centre, and when we finish something like the local pool, I feel really great. 
I think it went really well, I hope we get the H&F done this week!
The best part was finishing and moving on to something else. It's really exciting putting bits and pieces into your buliding. 
Me and Tommy faced a problem when the hotel group came over and said that they wanted to build a pathway past the H&F. We said yes but soon realised that it was a bit of a problem because it was in the way of where Tommy and I were going to build the workout room. I decided the best option was to just add on a room in the Gymnasium. 
Our success was that we got the pool and cafe above the pool finished, and started on the Gymnasium. I think we could finish the H&F this week!
Next for us I think is that we should finish the Gymnasium and go onto the workout room and finish upstairs and make some toilets, then we'll be finished! 

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