Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week One and Two
Padlet wall wisher was where we posted our ideas and goals.

We set up our build ideas on pieces of paper and used a T-chart for our wants and needs in the town. Then we placed ourselves on a scale of ok Minecrafter to the best Minecrafter and then we got the best Minecrafters and placed them in a line. We then asked them what building they would like to do. Next, we went around the Minecrafters and then the kids who were ok Minecrafters picked what building they wanted to build. Then we planned what we were going to build them out of and what to include in them. Next, we started the treaty and then we had a little play on Minecraft.

Room 19 Minecraft build groups decided where to build our buildings and wrote on our build map. After that, we made a padlet for Pre Comments and made a plan on paper of what our top three things we needed to start on. Then we talked about how to get rid of the forest trees and plants, Fire, TNT?

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