Monday, 15 December 2014

Minecraft- The Final week!

This week everyone went to survival! It was great fun, but I think that killing people had been blocked. Before we went to survival and were still on creative, Lucy, Lottie and Anna made a Christmas tree in the City Centre beside the Cardboard Cathedral. I made a donation centre beside the Christmas tree, for minecrafters to make a donation of anything, and the people/buildings who need it can come and take one thing out of the chest. 
I had a problem when I found out that someone had made a chest in the roofs of the market stalls, put paintings on them and split the chests up so there was a stack of 64 of something in the two chests. They had also mined my portal that was for show because one market stall was selling Nether things. Mr Scurr told the whole class and Anna was the one who did it, because she said she saw no signs on the roofs of the market stalls when I did them a week ago, which is weird, so they must have glitched. I didn't mind though, and now the market is back to normal, but I kept the paintings, and now my portal is back where it was. 
Levi got put in prison for not going to bed in survival by the police. He kept talking on the chat button and saying,'I'm not going to bed without a bedtime story.' So the police had to put him in prison. Some other people got put in the police cells, including Levi again, this time for robbing The Paradise Hotel. 
At the end of this session, Danny told us that all our videos that we did that Tuesday were lost because the computer crashed. Tommy and I did a video, so ours got lost too. Then that Thursday on the same week, room 19 had to go back and do their videos again. The people who had not lost their videos were on creative and building again. That time the videos didn't get lost and everyone was happy. I think it was a great Minecraft week packed with fun!!